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Dreaming Up The Master Bedroom

rustic headboad bed frame wall lamp mid century dresser gold mirror campaign chest

We are dreaming up a cozy, comfy, minimalist, master bedroom to retreat to at the end of the night. Our new master bedroom is not huge but it is the biggest bedroom we have ever had.  It has a couple of good aspects about it as well as some bad ones too.  We also have a lot of key pieces that we need and love but it's not put together in a way that reflects our style.  I have pinned lots and lots of bedroom ideas in hopes that some day I can transition them into our bedroom.

  The master bedroom in our last home was about 11' x 12'.  We made very good use of every inch of space we had.   Below are some pictures of our old bedroom.

Rustic headboard nightstand teal white Moroccan rug

Rustic headboard nightstand teal white ikea mirror vanity

teal white stain mid century modern dresser

Rustic headboard nightstand teal

I made a pros and cons list of our new bedroom.

  • Three ample closets = lots of storage. 
  • Three medium sized windows = natural light.
  • A half bathroom. 
  • Bigger size than what we've had before.
  • Too many doorways and windows leaving us with limited options for furniture placement.
  • No overhead lighting.   
  • The only room in the house that is carpeted, I prefer hardwood. 
  • No bathtub or shower in the bathroom.
  • The whole room including walls and trim were once painted in oil base paint, of course I noticed after we painted, now we have peeling paint. 
  • We still have a lot of trim to paint with all those doors and windows.
  • All the doors are mismatched louvered doors too, I really don't like them.

louvered doors

The good thing is most of the cons are cosmetic things we can change.  The limited options for furniture placement isn't such a big deal.  I like the wall where the headboard is right now and that's our biggest piece of furniture.  What makes up for it is that in return we have lots of storage.  I try to look at the bright side of things.  We don't have overhead lighting but I get to have lots of lamps, I love lamps.  Sure it's a carpeted room but at least the rug is new, plush and a neutral color that we can work with.  The bathroom doesn't have a shower but we only had one bathroom in our last place so it's a treat to have a second bathroom.  So the room definitely has some things going for it.  I'm really happy that we have more space and storage.  

rustic headboad bedframe wall lamp mid century dresser

As for the pieces that we love and want to keep, number one would be our headboard and bed frame combination. We designed and built that beast with our own two hands.  It weighs a ton but it's definitely our favorite piece in the room, that stays!  
*The papers on the wall are pictures that my daughter makes for me and tapes them on the wall for me, she's so sweet.

Master bedroom campaign chest rustic headboad bedframe

Next up is my dresser, its a Mid-century piece that I refinished a couple years ago.  It is very well built and that is my favorite thing about it.  The six drawers give us lots of more storage for smaller clothing pieces.  I might try moving it over to the other wall across from where it is because I have a matching tall dresser that I want to redo for my hubby and I think it would look better on this wall.  So we will see how that works out later on.

mid century modern dresser stain white paint gold mirror

The wall lamps flanking the headboard are new, we bought them for this room and we love them.  I like that they don't take up any surface space from our nightstands.

Master bedroom, wall lamp, rustic headboard

Master bedroom, wall lamp, rustic headboard

The nightstands are standby pieces until we build or buy new ones.  The one on my husbands side was built completely out of scrap pieces of wood we had laying around.   My side has a campaign one that I found on craigslist.  But like I said they are temporary solutions.

Master bedroom wall lamp rustic headboard nightstand

Master bedroom, Campaign nightstand wall lamp

The trunk at the foot of the bed, I would love to keep but I'm not sure because... Once upon a time we had a nice leather bench at the foot of the bed that was always covered in clean laundry and bed covers so I got rid of it.  Now it lives with my sister and brother in law and is covered in their bed linens and laundry (ha, ha, ha, ha...evil laugh). The End!

Master bedroom campaign chest

 I love looking at my Master Bedroom Pinterest board it makes me smile but when I look at our actual bedroom it makes me yawn (pun intended).  A couple of things that I noticed from my pins are...
  • The spaces are minimal, there's not lots of furniture pieces or bedding.
  • They look cozy because of all the layered textures and materials.
  • Most of them have white walls with mostly neutral colors as accents.
  • Greenery, plants.
In order to incorporate some of these aspects, I will start by only keeping the furniture pieces that I need.  This is harder for me than most people because I love furniture, it's what I do, I redesign furniture.  I do want some different nightstands though, I was thinking maybe some floating ones.  Keeping bedding to a minimum is easy, I feel like I have that down packed.  I hate extra fluff on the bed because I don't like making the bed, so if there's a lot of stuff that needs to be put back on the bed, chances are I wont be making the bed (I hope my mom isn't reading this post!). 

For coziness, I can switch out the pillow shams for something with a bit more pattern or texture and maybe add one long throw pillow in the middle.  Our blanket might not be the prettiest but its warm and cozy for us and the colors are neutral so that stays until we can afford one something of better quality.  Some window treatment will help warm up the space too but I'm still not sure if I want to go with my usual woven shades plus drapes combo or something more simple like fabric roman shades.  We also need to add some wall art.

We already painted the room when we first moved in, the color is nice light and I have yet to paint all the trim in white so that should lighten up the room a bit more.  I also want to paint all the the doors black.

Adding a couple plants in here will bring in some color and another element of nature, while still keeping everything pretty neutral.  I've said before that my goal is to one day have plants in every single room of the house.  So far the only rooms that don't have any plants are the bedrooms and they really should,  since plants are good for cleaning air pollutants.

So it looks like I have my work cut out for me.  I can't wait to see all of these ideas come together so that we can have a cozy, comfortable, uncluttered space to relax in at night.


West Elm Stria bed Headboard Inspiration

 I fell in love with the Stria Bed from West Elm but it was definitely well over our budget.  So, I thought to myself we could build it!  I showed the bed to my hubby and he really liked it and was on board to build it with me.  So I sketched it up, came up with a list of wood and sizes that we needed them cut up to and off to the Hardware store we went.  The first picture below is the official bed from West Elm not mine.

We only made the headboard, not the bed frame, but who knows? maybe in the future (hint, hint babe ;-).   And here is our headboard.

West Elm Stria Headboard Hack

West Elm Stria Headboard Hack

Here's the bummer I love the headboard, but I don't love how the stain came out.  It's close to the stain from the original one but I don't know, I just don't like it.  I haven't sealed it yet because I'm still thinking on whether or not I should change the stain color.  I don't know what to do.  Should I keep the stain the way it is or add another coat of the oxidizing stain treatment or maybe a different stain or paint or should I just keep it the way it is and seal it already? Or, or, or, or....  Let's see what I end up doing.

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