Trones in the Kitchen

Ikea Trones in the kitchen for recycling, recycle

Last time when I shared the Lightening up the Kitchen post, I shared this picture below of where the refrigerator is placed but I left out the after pictures from this view.

We switched out the old refrigerator that came with the house with a stainless steel one and we added a little floating recycling center on the wall to make it more functional.  The door-less cabinet is still in the same state and I know now it looks a little off  and the fridge isn't as close to the wall as it should be because of the baseboard heater.  I really feel like the fridge should be moved to face the other side of the kitchen for a better flow between work stations.  If we do that we would have to move the cabinet on top and replace the trim, it seems simple but there's a lot more work involved that we don't have time for right now.  Instead we focused on making it more functional for the time being.

Ikea Trones in the kitchen for recycling stainless steel refrigerator

To keep the recycling at bay we utilize the Ikea Trones.  I know their description says they are for shoes but when I saw them I thought they would be great for recycling and I was right, they are.  Ours are black so they look good with the bottom black cabinets but they come in different colors.  I styled these pictures for this post but usually I have a bunch of crap on the tops of the trones.  I really want to keep the tops clear so I plan to add a wood top to them to make them more decorative and custom.  I'm hoping this will encourage me to keep the top clean and pretty.

Ikea Trones in the kitchen for recycling, stainless steel refrigerator DIY Chalkboard

I made the chalkboard frame on the wall with simple 1x2's and a cheap backer board panel painted with chalkboard paint.  I wanted it to look a bit rustic and old so I painted and distressed the frame, drilled holes for the twine and found that big black bracket in the basement and thought it would look cool if I used it to hang the chalkboard from.  It is another functional piece for the kitchen to write grocery list, reminders etc...The old wooden bowls I bought from a thrift store.  I bought some saw tooth hangers from the hardware store and nailed them to the back of the bowls to hang them on the wall.  I have always had a calendar in the kitchen no matter where we live it's just a habit to write things on it like appointments, days off, vacations and other important events.  It is very handy for our family.

DIY Chalkboard Ikea Trones in the kitchen for recycling, recycle

As you can see our kitchen is open to the dining room.  I know some people prefer closed off dining rooms but I really like it this way, in fact I wish the the kitchen was open into the living room too but that's just not the case.  We would love to some day open these rooms up in to each other but that seems like a project outside of our DIY-able knowledge and budget so for now we will work with this layout.  Still something to consider for the future.

open kitchen dining room stainless steel refrigerator

For now we are enjoying slowly making improvements and making the house more functional for our family's needs.  We recycle a ton in our house everyday and having these recycle bins in the kitchen where most of the action happens is very convenient for us.  They hold a lot and are easy to remove and carry them outside to the recycling cans on waste pick up day.  Their simple lines make them an attractive solution and also makes them very easy to wipe clean.  Needless to say we love our recycling center.  

Ikea Trones in the kitchen for recycling, recycle
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  1. So far so good. The trones add a very cool edge to the kitchen. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. WOW! You even have to separate your recycling? That's crazy. Where my son lives in rural Missouri, there is no recycling. You just throw everything away.

    1. Hi Christine,
      We are not required to separate our recycling, I only separate all the drinking bottles or cans that we have to pay a deposit for so that we can get our money back afterwards ;-) It's also easier to for us to have a designated spot inside the house to recycle instead of going outside a few times a day to recycle. I didn't know there wasn't any recycling in Missouri :-/
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    2. Ohhh... no deposits here. I live near Kansas City, so we have a "throw all your recycling here" sort of bin, but rural areas I suppose it's not worth driving another truck all the way out there.

    3. Oh I thought you meant no recycling at all, good to hear that their is some way of recycling, and lucky you no bottle deposits. For the bottles, we just keep saving them in the garage until there's a truck load and my husband drops it off near his job, they count them for him and give him cash so it's really not that bad. I hear you about your son though, that would be a trip!


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