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Plans For The Dining Room

We have a couple new of plans for the dining room.  When we first moved in, we painted the room in a nice, bright, very light grey and refinished the floors.  We wanted it to feel light and fresh.  Then we hung some floating shelves to display some of my favorite things, added window treatments, plopped our furniture there and called it "good for now!"  You can see what the room looked like here!  Fast forward a year later, we've had time to figure out what works, what doesn't and put a plan together.  I made a little mood board to help visualize what we want for the space.

Dining room refresh

  •  I know the space is small and small rooms call for round tables.  But some rules were meant to be broken, for the sake of happy living.  I shared in our first dining room post that we wanted to possibly build our old modern farmhouse dining table again.  Instead, I went crazy over a Parsons table I found on Craigslist and we bought it!
  • I'm contemplating on keeping two of the Windsor chairs to use as captain chairs and painting them black.
  • The two light wood chairs, we saw them at Ikea and fell in love with them but they were out of stock, so once they are back in stock we will be picking those babies up. 
  • We still aren't sure if we want to buy four of the Ikea chairs or build a bench on the other side, so we are keeping an open mind about that.  
  • The light fixture is only there for reference, it's the closest I could find to ours, which we are keeping.  

Tomorrow I will share the pictures of the new dining table and a list of things we will be addressing in the dining room refresh.  For more details on our dining room you can check out the "Our Home" tab and these other posts  * Dine with us * Dining room new hutch * Build a modern farmhouse table * Thrift Shopping and Shelfie Styling *

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