Sofa Makeover For The Home Office Part One

I started a new project for our home office.  I'm giving this big ugly sofa a makeover.  We bought this piece for our home office sometime in the spring last year.  I didn't want to upholster it right away for a couple reasons.

upholstering a couch sofa

  1. I'm super indecisive about things, especially furniture in our home.  If it doesn't work in a few months it's out.  The couch has proven it's usefulness here, so we are keeping it!  
  2. I'm equally indecisive about colors, textures and finishes.  I mean with so many fabrics to choose from, someone out there should be able to relate.  
  3. Time!  Yes I work on many furniture pieces at a time but not for my own home. It usually takes years for me to complete a furniture project for our home.  I never have or make time for it.  I'm trying to change that!    
  4. Money, fabric is freaking expensive and when you need 6 yards for your own use, well that can hurt.  I'm not one splurge so much on myself.  
  5. Upholstery is intimidating for me.  I'm all about sanding, painting and staining but sewing is a whole different territory.

We repainted our home office again and it looks completely different than when I shared our first budget makeover here.  We bought a new-used desk, rearranged things, go rid of some pieces and added other key storage pieces and we needed extra seating so we got this couch.  Everything else started to look nice so the couuch just became an eyesore.  Yes an ugly, burgundy, dog hair magnet, eyesore.  We felt it was time to tackle it.  That meant it was time to finally choose a fabric.  I wanted the couch to be neutral because it's a big piece in the room and it's a big job for me so I didn't want a color I would grow tired of in a year or two.  I also wanted it to have a nice print just in case it gets stains which it will because we have children, a dog and wine spills happen, I mean spills, spills happen in many different forms of liquids.  

I narrowed down my fabric to neutrals, some type of pattern and it had to be budget friendly.  I thought about using a checkered, plaid fabric but the office already has a masculine appeal.  I wanted my husband to feel comfortable and this might sound crazy but I like to decorate keeping my husbands masculinity in mind.  He lives with 4 females (even my dog is a female) so I don't want to have rainbows and unicorns everywhere.  Plus I prefer neutrals anyway so it's a win win.  

upholstering a chair ikat fabric couch sofa

A few months ago I used a beautiful ikat fabric to upholster some chairs that I sold and ever since I've been wanting to find a place to use the same fabric for our house.  My husband also liked the fabric since it has a lot of black and neutrals.  Perfect!  This fabric was just under $20 at Joanns.  They were having a 50% off sale, then I went online to check for coupons and they had a one day 15% entire purchase, including sales, BINGO!!!!!  I picked up 6 yards which I think is too much, but better to be safe than sorry, right!           

upholstering a chair ikat fabric couch sofa

I already started to take the sofa apart.  It's naked!  

upholstering a chair ikat fabric couch sofa

It took me a few hours to get every single last staple out.  Next, I have to sand down the frame to stain it, cut sew and staple a million times!  Yay, not so much, but when I'm done it's going to be worth it.  I can't wait to share with ya'll!    

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