Thrifty Finds

Thrifty Finds, Rattan mirror, metal plant stand, bamboo handles

I just wanted to pop in an show you my latest thrifty finds.  While shopping around at Goodwill a few days a go, I scored some pretty cool stuff for cheeeeeap!  I actually popped in there real quick to see if I could find a mirror for the bathroom that we are working on.

Bamboo Handles

Lets start off with these cool bamboo looking handles. They probably used to be from some tacky purse right?  Well, last week Dana talked about Bolga Baskets and when I saw this pair for a buck I had to bring'em home with me for a little Bolga DIY project.

Mid century Metal plant stand

Next up is this green and gold, metal, Mid Century triple plant stand.  If you remember back when I shared an Ikea wish list there was a triple plant stand that I wanted to purchase.  Lucky for me, last time we went there it wasn't available.  So naturally when I saw this triple plant stand for only $6, I went and grabbed a cart to stick this baby into.

Octagonal rattan mirror

I left the best for last.  I mentioned going into Goodwill to see if I could find a mirror for the bathroom, right!  This thing was meant to be.  It was the perfect dimensions and hello its freggin rattan looking.  I say looking because it's actually some plastic-ish material it's also painted to look like rattan.  The tag read $10 which was already to good to be true, giving that it was the perfect size and style.  I ended up paying only $5 because it was 50% off yellow tags and guess what color tag this puppy had?  Yup, you guessed it!  Can you believe it?  I spent less than $15 on these three items.
Given that our bathroom has turned out to be a complete mess of a mini makeover, more on that later,  I'd say this was one lucky shopping trip.  Well now I gots to go clean up all this stuff.            



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