Dining Room Updates

A few months ago I shared our dining room with you guys and talked about some possible changes we would be making in the space for the future.  Yesterday I shared our new dining table and chairs, today I want to review our original to do list for the dining room updates.  Let's see what has gotten done, what still needs to get done, and what ideas have been added or changed.

dining room updates

Dining Room To Do List
  1. First, remove the little black mirror by the shelves, seeing these pictures I'm now sure, I hate it there.
  2. Sand, prime, paint the trims and window (you can see the blue tape where I started). 
  3. Buy chairs I am not sure what style but they need to be comfy, strong, durable and easy to clean.
  4. Build or buy dining table, I think I want to rebuild the same modern farmhouse dining table we built for our our previous house but tweaking it a bit so that crumbs don't get stuck in the crannies.
  5. Replace the grey cabinet with something similar to the ones I mentioned earlier in the post. 
  6. Maybe add a jute or sisal rug, I am not 100% I want to do that yet. I think it would add some nice texture and feel a little bit more layered and warm but at the same time I love the ease of sweeping and moping hardwood floors, and you know how crumbs and spills just happen with kiddos.
  7. Adding some horizontal shiplap would be nice too. Another maybe... we did recently paint this room so I could see my husband cringe at the thought of having to repaint but he is a wood man so I think he might like the idea.  
Updates on the list

  1. The first one was an easy one, I did that almost immediately after publishing that post.  I simply replaced it with the rattan mirror that was over the grey cabinet.  I gave the black mirror to my sister and it fits perfectly over her little entryway table in her home.  
  2. We replaced the window with an energy efficient vinyl window so there is no need for painting the window anymore.  However we still have yet to paint all the surrounding trim.  Need to get on that pronto!  
  3. We bought new chairs, yay!  Read more about those in this post and how we plan to build a bench for one of the sides.  
  4. We bought a parsons style dining table for a steal on Craigslist!  
  5. I wrote a post about our new vintage dining room hutch, which was, surprise! Another Craigslist score!!  I'm in love with that piece, it is so unique!  I still need to tweak it a little!
  6. Number six and seven are still marinating!  The idea of having a nice textured rug is nice but not the maintenance it requires.  We've recently adopted a puppy and we are working hard at potty training but she still has little accidents here and there.  
  7. Like I said still marinating on the ship lap walls.  It would be nice to add some character to the house but maybe farther down the line.  We have lots of other projects that need to get done around the house that have more priority. 
  8. I would like to add that the light fixture needs to be centered, and tweaked a little.       
dining room updates ikea Skogsta chairs

Overall I feel like the dining room is finally starting to come together, especially since we have most of our main furniture pieces.  I'm going to set small goals to finish it up all the dining room updates.  Like one week will be about finishing the trim, the next will be for building the bench and so on.  Soon I will have a dining room update where all the things on the list will be crossed off except for number six and seven, those will come later.  For now I'm really enjoying the small dining room updates we've made but I'm looking forward to getting it done!      

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