DIY Build a Console Table

Our living room had a big, bare wall that was calling out for something.  When we moved in I hung a big, decorative mirror there and called it a day.  I knew it needed something else under the mirror but I wasn't sure what I wanted.  I thought some floating shelves, a storage cabinet or a simple console table, I don't know, something.   I left it alone for a while thinking it will come to me.  Meanwhile I searched for inspiration on Pinterest, magazines, blogs, furniture stores etc, etc...  I was confused I didn't know what I wanted.  I just didn't want to spend money on something I wasn't sure I needed or wanted, and most likely would replace because it was an impulse buy.  We all have those impulse buys.  We buy something because we want something, not sure what but it's nice so we just buy it and two months later you realize you hate it.  Now you have to figure out what to do with it. You already spent the money you can't throw it out and you don't want it but now you can't replace it because of guilt and you have to live with something that you hate.  I didn't want that so I decided I was going to take my time and wait for the right piece to come along.

Months flew by, I thought I could leave it alone until I knew for sure what I wanted. But... one day it started getting on my nerves pretty bad. It was a BARE wall in my living room!!! I looked at it EVERYDAY, avoiding it's cry for something, anything.

DIY build rustic farmhouse console table

 So I did what I always do, I check my scrap wood inventory to see if I have enough to build a for now piece. I did!!  I asked my husband for his opinion and he liked the idea.  So I came up with a simple design, made some measurements, some cuts and then we got to work.  We finished building it together and then I took care of the sanding and finishing.

DIY build rustic farmhouse console table

DIY build rustic farmhouse console table

DIY build rustic farmhouse console table

DIY build rustic farmhouse console tableDIY build rustic farmhouse console table

So much better, right?  Now I cant breath when I pass by the bare wall in the living room.  It's not bare anymore!!  I switched out the mirror with one I had in the dining room and moved a lamp from another side of the room, added some pretty accessories and it feels so much better.  Guess what I like it, but I don't love, so I am very happy this was a free project.  I would feel so guilty to have to replace it later if I would have bought this piece for now.  It's a perfect for now piece, it fills the wall, it looks pretty and best of all it was FREE.  I can stop obsessing over the bare wall until the right piece finds me.  

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